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Worst Idea Of All Time Podcast

Dec 27, 2015

Tim and Guy have blown their storage budget on the five hour episode so have to wait for a new month to click over to upload the new episode. Meanwhile, TWIOAT Experience Vol 1 is available now on Bandcamp. A $5 minimum Best Of collection of Season One of the podcast.

Dec 20, 2015

This ep possible thanks to BIGPIPE.CO.NZ (and our gorgeous donators/merch buyers) features an all too overlooked character - Magda, the housekeeper. Is she a competing robot vying with Dickbot for domination? Is she a Russian spy? Miranda's importance to the Rat King arc is drawn out. Mr Big is splitting his focus...

Dec 10, 2015

This episode made possible by KARMA COLA! Guy and Tim dig into a very heavy Dickbot v Brady episode discussing the possibilities and probabilities of a Rat King going toe-to-toe with a cold, electronic maniac. The Pretender makes an appearance also, as does Viper and some Nickelodeon childhood memories. The boys sell...

Dec 3, 2015

Nobody is going to listen to a five hour episode so I hardly think I need to include a description. Brought to you by both KARMA COLA and BIGPIPE BROADBAND.

Nov 26, 2015

That's right listeners, Mr Paul Scheer (host of How Did This Get Made) - the reason you probably know about Tim and Guy whatsoever, is finally on the podcast. And it's his third time watching Sex and The City 2! Paul joins the lads from Los Angeles and discusses men's packages, the general apparent loathing among the...